Virtual Competition - Winners

Thank you to all the students who responded to the Virtual Competition challenge. We had a number of strong responses but we could only pick 4 students. The four students who will be representing Canada in the Virtual competition are:

Param Patal

Jayson Tian

Jenny Wu

Jessica Yu

We hope to get the information for the 2021 CBO competition online early in the Fall, stay tuned. 


The spread of the COVID-19 virus is disrupting all aspects of our lives, including the CBO competition.

Given that schools in Canada have closed what is looking like at least 4-8 weeks, the cancellation of the University of Toronto Biology Competition exam, the disruption in international travel for months and many other disruptions in our lives we have decided to cancel the 2020 CBO competition.

We realize that many of you have already put in a lot of effort on the portfolio and this decision will disappoint many of you. Hopefully you found enjoyment in the learning you have demonstrated thus far with the portfolio. 

We are already thinking of the 2021 CBO competition and are planning on using many aspects of this years portfolio in it. If you are in grade 10 or 11, save your work as it will be useful next year.


The CBO Jury

Previous CBO winners